The Gnome resurrects Brona.

The Shifter is a mysterious Gnome who used the Ildatch to resurrect Brona in the Hall of Kings. To reward him, Brona gave him several forms to serve his purposes.


Disguised as a grim-looking human with a cloudy left eye, the Shifter went to Leah. He worked as the royal gardener replacing Ernst. He attempted to poison King Menion Leah by replacing the sassafra plants with dreaddire. Jak Ohmsford and Shella Leah discovered the poisoning and the Shifter killed the herbalist Jonas while he was working on an antidote, stealing the book. Then he left the city.

Jak and Shella found him at the ferry of the Rappahalladron River, which was sabotaged. He summoned 2 monsters against them. He was impervious to their attacks, but once they killed his monster guards, the Shifter vanished magically.


Brona transformed the Shifter into a monster and ordered him to forge a war between Elves and Trolls so that they are weakened and won't cncentrate against him. Monsters disguised as Elves stole the Black Irix while monsters disguised as Trolls raided Arborlon and abducted prince Aine Elessedil. Both were kept in an abandoned mine in a canyon in the Streleheim Plains. The canyon was trapped and ambushed should anyone try to find them.

Jak Ohmsford's party fell into the ambush while looking for the Prince and the Irix. Davio used the Elfstones and drove the Shifter away.

Later the Shifter and his band of monsters ambushed Jak Ohmsford again in the Jannison Pass, and concentrated against Davio, fatally poisoning him.

The Shifter also prepared a host of monsters to stop Jak at the banks of the Silver River, but they were all obliterated by the King of the Silver River.

Then he took the form of Allanon and waited for the travellers at the Dragon's Teeth Mountains before a rope bridge over a chasm and warned them that Gnome troops were after them. As Allanon he guided Jak to the other side on a rope bridge, but as Davio started across, Allanon revealed who he is and cut one of the ropes causing Davio to fall, and hang fro his tether. He prepared to cast a spell against Jak when Shella Leah shot an arrow against him, and he turned the spell against her. He returned to Jak but Davio, still dangling from his tether, used the Elfstones against the Shifter, and he fell down the chasm screaming.


Shifter is also the name of a cat appearing in the book First King of Shannara. The name is just a coincidence, as the book is unrelated to the story of the game, and was published a year later.