Rolf Becker was a legendary Gateway Prospector. He was notorious for having extreme luck in all his missions.

In his first mission he ended up over an icy planet three AUs from an M class star. He scanned and found a concentration of Heechee metal 70 feet under methane ice which he broke using the chemical rockets on his ship and blasted a crater. Ht discovered the remains of a Heechee supply dump. Gateway Corporation gave him $1 million for his find.

In his second mission he did not find a Heechee discovery but filmed a rare astronomical event of a planet with a moon being ripped apart by gravitational stress and turned into a ring. The Corporation scientists went crazy and the Board gave him $500000 as a science bonus. Shortly after, he married Adriana Lafore, the daughter of the Corporation's VP.

By the time he was 35, he'd flown every kind of ship and mission imaginable and became filthy rich. Within six months the marriage was in trouble because Adriana announced she was bored with Rolf. A year after the marriage, around 2087, Becker left for his last mission and never returned being stranded on Nemira 3. After that Adriana underwent through a change and missed him. She offered $1 million for any information or action leading to his safe return.

Meanwhile Becker spent the next 15 years on the planet (which he named 'Adriana 1') having the animals as company and studying its fauna and flora and skies. He built a hut and a garden of edible plants since he decided not to kill any of the animals of his area. He resided near a Heechee Shield Generator and had Mr. Pookie for company, an alien species which he named 'gopheria robustus'.

In order to convince Becker to return, the player must:

  • Greet him when they first meet
  • Not kill the gyranthymus
  • Not hurt Mr. Pookie
  • get the lens without harming the winnerpeller
  • disassembly his ship's actuator instead of exhuming the animal's body
  • give him to read the Interesting People magazine
  • help him get his cane
  • jam with him
  • not read his /personal log while he is sleeping