Raphide was a Heechee, Solifuction's closest companion and first in his technical team to build the Shield Generators. When Astatine went insane, he supported Solifluction to petition the High Council to erase him, but Fogram denied it.

Fogram then insistingly approached Raphide and convinced him that Solifluction went insane and was going to betray the entire race by sabotaging the Project. Raphide sent him away but eventually he convinced him and promised Raphide that he would erase Astatine if he helped him get rid of the Traitor.

Solifluction was abducted as he was working at a Generator site under Raphide's cover and two days later Fogram contacted him to take care of the remains. He delivered his body and personal pod of Astatine. Raphide placed them at a Generator location and ruptured its core so that an explosion would eliminate all remains.

After the great exodus to the Core, Raphide was Lifted but since then he sequestered himself from any outside contact and all messages sent to him bounced back, unread.

Raphide reemerged millennia later when a human arrived to the Core and gave lectures about humanity and their discovery of the Heechee remnants. The mention of the Generators alerted him enough so as to contact him in his communicator expressing interest for more information. The White Hand suggested that human that in his next lecture he should redirect a subtle message to him telling that 'his old associate's father still lives'.

Hearing this, Raphide contacted the human, who told that his information comes from Convergence. He urged the human to find and bring Astatine's datacore. Connecting it to his communicator, Raphide connected and erased him.