Shaman sleeping
The spiritual leader of all the tribes of Gnomes and possesses the Magic Torc. He attends to annual pilgrimage to the Mountains of Runne.

His troops found the team of Jak Ohmsford. He had been allied with Brona and the Shifter. The Shifter told him that he wanted the prisoners alive for himself, but the Shaman knew that Brona wanted them dead. Although his guard Geeka advised him to obey the Shifter, the Shaman opted to keep their leader alive to surrender him to Brona, and kept the rest in the Deep Well to be sacrificed in a ceremony.

That night however Jak escaped and entered in his tent while the Shaman was sleeping. He tied him up and removed the Magic Torc from his neck. Geeka however saw all this and once Jak left, he murdered the Shaman, wanting to take his place.