Fogram was a Heechee First Seat in the High Council. He was the one who led them into hiding when the Assassin threat was found. Solifluction, was his chief political enemy who suggested rather to stay in the galaxy and evade them with the Shield Generators.

When Solifluction and Raphide petitioned to the council to erase suffering Astatine, Fogram denied it. Solifluction took it as a personal attack and began a political campaign to depose Fogram and gained followers. Fogram then insistingly approached Raphide and convinced him that Solifluction went insane and was going to betray the entire race by sabotaging the Project. Raphide sent him away but eventually he convinced him and promised Raphide that he would erase Astatine if he helped him get rid of the Traitor.

Solifluction was abducted as he was working at a Generator site under Raphide's cover and two days later Fogram contacted him to take care of the remains, but not before having him Stilled.

After his tragic death however, Astatine was considered dead in the explosion too, and the point of the rebellion became moot. Fogram's power was cemented and the Heechee decided to retreat to the Core.

However a theory said that Fogram managed to save him from the accident, using his technical genius and knowledge for his personal projects.

When he died, he was Lifted and since then, he influenced the following First Seats ever after. He continued to use Astatine on his Aesthemis Project in the Place of Learning.

According to Second Seat Convergence, Fogram displayed rare attributes for a Heechee. He had enemies by the way he manipulated the people and the political system. Few were either strong or foolhardy to stand against him, and fewer to claim his friendship.