Deneb Kaitos also known Beta Ceti is a star 68 light years away from Earth, part of the constellation Cetus or Ceti (whale). It is of spectral class K 03. It is orange in color with a surface temperature of 4,900 Kelvin.


It is orbited by at 8 planets ranging from 5,216 to 76,932 kms in diameters

Deneb Kaitos 1
Small ball of rock .72 AUs from the star
Deneb Kaitos 2
Small ball of rock 1.6 AUs from the star
Deneb Kaitos 3
13,000 kms in diameter, 2.4 AUs from the star, with a nickel-iron core and an atmosphere consisting primarily of hydrogen sulfide.
Deneb Kaitos 4
Resembles Mars in size and appearance, 5 AUs away.
Deneb Kaitos 6
Deneb Kaitos 5, 7-8
Gas giants that range from 36,000 to 76,932 kms in diameter. DK8 us 35 AUs away

The system has one known Tal-Seto jump point and communicates through TRB010.